If you landed here, then you are interested in both openness and MENA. Just like us.

This website introduces you to the different initiatives and projects we at Open MENA are working on. These roughly belong to three main thematic groups:

  • opening up governance: we believe that the process through which a place is ruled has to be more transparent and participatory. We thus like to address stuff like procurement, financial transparency and policy-making that enable citizen participation;
  • opening up data: we believe that all the data and information produced by public administrations in the process of their work must be made freely and openly available for anyone to access, (re)use, share and modify;
  • opening up knowledge: we all produce it, but it increasingly gets enclosed behind copyright, paywalls and suchlikes. We thus aim to inform as many people as possible about the dangers behind locking up scientific and cultural knowledge. In addition, we thrive to produce open and shareable knowledge that is both of scientific and social relevance.

Join us and share the word!