After Open Data Day #ODD14

On 22 February, the open knowledge enthusiasts celebrated the International Open Data Day (#ODD14) across the world. More than 190 events took place around the globe and many of these were organized by Local Groups of the Open Knowledge Foundation. Christian Villum from OKFN Central has published a summary highlighting some of all these great events (see also our dedicated Open Data Day overview page).

Our part of the world saw quite some excitement in Egypt and Tunisia. OKFN Egypt’s Ambassador, Tarek Amr, published a nice round-up of the event highlighting the diversity of activities. The Storify below (Arabic) sums up this day.

Our Tunisian friends also held workshops this day. CLibre, a Tunisian NGO aiming to promote open digital culture based in the city of Sayada, organized their #ODD14. From what we have seen, stub of Wikipedia entries have been started, one in French briefly explaining Open Data in Tunisia and another one in Arabic, describing what Open Data is. A short Storify is live, teasing us to know more!

بلغات أخرى: اليوم العالمي للبيانات المفتوحة 2014 مدينة صيادة

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