Data Journalism in MENA? Open MENA Partners with InfoTimes

Open MENA and InfoTimes have decided to join forces and work together. Our joint efforts will focus on raising awareness about data journalism within MENA newsrooms as well as providing tailored training.

Each of our organisations has had its way of spreading the concept of data-driven journalism in the Middle East and North Africa. InfoTimes has been doing an excellent job in Egypt aiming to keep up with the momentum in data-driven journalism, in general, all over the world. Open MENA has been present in events across the MENA region, providing training to professional and citizen journalists alike.

Our first joint activity will be during the week-long Data-Driven Innovation in MENA workshop series organised by the IDRC in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy, UNDP, ILO in Egypt and hosted by Cairo University. Two one-day training sessions will take place, on 20 and 23 February respectively, gathering media and journalism students and professional journalists interested to gain deeper knowledge about data journalism. We will also produce our common training materials and sessions shortly. Stay tuned!

open-menaAbout Open MENA:

Open MENA is an independent initiative aiming to bring the values of open knowledge in the Middle East and North Africa. We use best known for our unique expertise: action research, policy-making advisory and capacity building. The Open MENA website runs in three languages and is the first-of-a-kind and the go-to resource for anything related to open data and open knowledge in the MENA region.

About InfoTimes:


InfoTimes is a modern information design and data visualisation agency in Egypt with one common philosophy: data should be designed for sharing. It’s an easy access website, so you can simply get the accurate data, understand it, and share it with no time. Our mission at the current time is to improve the skills of Arab journalists, raise the awareness of Arab press with the importance of data journalism, how they can use the datasets and spreadsheets for their good.

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