Get Involved

Open MENA is for people who want to deepen their knowledge, experience and professional networks in the open movement, both online and offline, within their local community and the wider international community. Join us!

  • Share & discuss

    Icon by TrentoFuckingCity, CC-by 3.0, for the Noun Project
    A good place to start is the Open MENA Facebook page and Twitter account. These are home to the broad community surrounding the network. You can thus join the conversation: reading posts as well as contributing to the dialogue – either by responding to messages – or by starting new threads yourself. If you are also on Google+ and Tumblr, then let’s connect there, too!

  • Volunteer

    Icon by Stephen Borengasser, CC-by 3.0, for the Noun Project
    As a volunteer at Open MENA, you will get to:
    – use your skills on projects with impact;
    – get the chance to learn from experts in different fields;
    – join a fun social network;
    – be part of creative expression and thinking network;
    – exercise key skills in international collaboration;
    – connect to something bigger than yourself.

    You can either highlight a general involvement (e.g., you have language skills to translate from English or French into Arabic and vice versa) or are specifically interested in one of our projects, sign up to volunteer today!

  • Partner

    Image by Les vieux garçons, CC-by 3.0, for the Noun Project
    Open MENA is happy to partner with other organisations in developing and conflict-affected places whose focus is on technology and communications for the advancement of peace, accountability and human rights. If this sounds like your organisation or initiative, please get in touch.

  • Donate

    Image by Matt Brooks, CC-by 3.0, for the Noun Project
    There are many ways you can support Open MENA:
    – make a one-time donation or a recurring donation;
    – donate services or other in-kind goods;
    – sponsor a specific project;
    please get in touch!

We welcome initiative and innovation in becoming more engaged in the open community; if anyone reading this can think of any other ways that it is possible to become more engaged with Open MENA, contact us and let us know about it so that your efforts can inspire other community members in the future!