Open Data Index Stories from Egypt and Oman

The Open Data Index team invited the community to send in their 2014 open data stories. Open knowledge enthusiasts from Egypt and Oman, among others, contributed:
Egypt ranked #79 in the 2014 Open Data Index

Last year I contributed to parts of the Index, but the majority of the work was done by Rayna. This year it was a much easier task, since there weren’t many changes to the status of open data in Egypt. Nevertheless, I hope to see progress in the upcoming years as no progress is sometimes considered as regress when other countries are adopting openness more and more. In addition to checking whether last year’s datasets were still up, I also had to check whether they improved or newer datasets were added.

Read the full Egypt and the Open Data Index story.

Oman ranked #93 in the 2014 Open Data Index

Oman has made significant accomplishments in releasing government data to the public, but a lot of effort still needs to be made to make Omani government data open and accessible in the technical and legal sense.

Information collected and created by the Omani government covers all aspects of life, from topography and weather information to population and health statistics. The government uses this information to conduct its business, but afterwards it locks it up in boxfiles and hard drives that nobody has access to. This information can be of great benefit to businesses, academics, and society at large, but only if this information is open to the public technically and legally.

Read the full Oman and the Open Data Index story.

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