Open Government in Tunisia: “Support us to be supportive and annoying”

The regional Open Government Partnership (OGP) Regional Summit took place in Dublin beginning of May 2014. Originally adressing Europe and the Old Continent’s OGP progress, the Summit featured a MENA-related keynote: Selima Abbou, president of Tunisia-based NGO Touensa spoke at the opening. Since its foundation in 2011, Touensa has been particularly active in the fields of transitional justice, citizen oversight of institutional reforms and access to information.

Tunisia has joined the OGP earlier this year. The country is also undergoing a lively transition after former strongman Ben Ali fled the country back in 2011. Selima’s speech kicked off highlighting the key position openness holds for Tunisia, its present and its future: “openness represents the only path that can lead the Tunisian people to recover their dignity and guarantees to their children justice and rule of law.” To achieve this, collaboration between the government and the civil society is crucial. Thus — “support us to be supportive and support us to be annoying.”

Watch the whole keynote here:

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