The place(s) to be: events curated for you by Open MENA

The coming months will be rich in events and opportunities to connect. We therefore decided to start curating an events list. The best choice for doing so is OpenAgenda: a schedule platform where all the data you submit is actually open data:

OpenAgenda offers a complete tool, promotes an open standard, from a unique entry and mutualizes information between thousands of agendas.

Because OpenAgenda defends free information accessible to all, our engagements:
– The service is free and it will stay that way
– The data belongs to you : you can export it, edit it, delete it when you wish
– The OpenAgenda standard is documented and the data is reusable by all

The bonus bit we like? It is available in Arabic, English and French.

And remember: you can always reach out and suggest an event!

The agenda will always be visible on this page.

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