Visiting the Open Knowledge Communities around the World

Two young Berliners, Alex (a software developer from Spain) and Margo (a graduate in European politics from France) decided to leave their daily lives and travel around the world for one year to meet people and organizations working actively in open knowledge related projects, documenting them on their website,

Open Steps pinpointing their trip on a map
Open Steps pinpointing their trip on a map

They started their trip in July 2013 and for one year, they are travelling through South-East Europe, Turkey, India, South-East Asia, Japan and South-America. They wrote a guest post in OKFN about their encouters with hackerspaces in Europe, then they documented their trip in India, and in a third post, they blogged about the two and a half months they spent to explore South-East Asia, Hong Kong and Japan.

OpenMENA also encourages people in the region to report the state of the Open Knowledge related ecosystem and activities in their countries, and we would be happy to re-publish their posts here.

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